Event Control Managment

We understand that at your event you have many things to take care of and look after but should an incident arise this needs to be dealt with efficiently so to do this we are able to provide and manage an Event Control setup at your event.

We can provide an environment and staff to process the details of an incident, work directly with both your on site staff, such as first aid and external emergency services if required whilst keeping a log of the incident and the actions taken to allow you to reflect on this at a later stage.  This gives you the peace of mind to know that whilst you take care of your event, we can ensure the participants are taken care of.

Our Event Control Center is also an ideal location for key members of the team to be based should you wish.  This would allow for everyone to be in a specified location to react quickly should the need arise.

To discuss with us how we could support your event with our event control service, please contact us.

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